Monday, February 22, 2010

Dj Rok Presents Chip Tha Ripper vs Wiz Khalifa-The Blue Collar Scholars-2010


Tracklist after the jump......

dj rok presents chip tha ripper vs wiz khalifa-the blue collar scholars(2010)

01-dj rok-the blue collar scholars intro (produced by dj rok)
02-wiz khalifa-goodbye
03-chip tha ripper-movie
04-wiz khalifa-chewy
05-chip tha ripper-waddup bum
06-wiz khalifa-superstar
07-chip tha ripper-like that
08-wiz khalifa-this plane
09-chip tha ripper-couple dollas
10-wiz khalifa-red carpet (like a movie)
11-chip tha ripper-sprinkle me (produced by hi-tek)
12-wiz khalifa-so high
13-chip tha ripper-check please
14-wiz khalifa-right here
15-chip tha ripper ft currensy-fat raps
16-wiz khalifa-hollywood hoes
17-chip tha ripper-back to cleveland
18-wiz khalifa-when u find
19-chip tha ripper-get down
20-wiz khalifa-the thrill (walking on a dream)
21-chip tha ripper-feel good
22-wiz khalifa-feels good
23-chip tha ripper-wonder why
24-wiz khalifa-i believe in make believe(studio session with freestyle)
25-chip tha ripper-to cold
26-wiz khalifa-lose control
27-chip tha ripper-so bad
28-wiz khalifa-car service
29-dj rok-beat with the sample used in the intro (snippet)

dj rok presents chip tha ripper vs wiz khalifa-the blue collar scholars(2010)(bonus cd)

30-chip tha ripper-rap 4 sale (bonus cd)
31-wiz khalifa-take your bitch (bonus cd)
32-chip tha ripper-broke ass hoe (bonus cd)
33-wiz khalifa-young boy talk (bonus cd)
34-chip tha ripper-mansion (bonus cd)
35-wiz khalifa-bout y'all (bonus cd)
36-chip tha ripper-she cold (bonus cd)
37-wiz khalifa-smokerface (bonus cd)
38-chip tha ripper-never come close to (snippet) (bonus cd)
39-chip tha ripper-roll up (bonus cd)
40-wiz khalifa-if i were a lame (bonus cd)
41-chip tha ripper-owe you (bonus cd)
42-chip tha ripper ft naledge_6th sense-dear hiphop (bonus cd)

FYI-When burning these mixes on a cd, make sure you check to remove the 2-sec gap or the songs wont fit on one cd. This applies to tracks 1-29.

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