Saturday, January 23, 2010

VA-Dj Rok-From Paris With Love: The Love Movement Edition-2010

The Love Movement is my personal collection of r/b mixes, i dont make them often but when i do i make sure there on point like everything else i do, i gotta keep it real i feal like this mixtape came out just like i wanted it,dirty, hard, and grimey, r&b style!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

VA-Dj Rok-From Paris With Love:The Love Movement Edition-2010(download here)

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Friday, January 22, 2010

VA-Dj Rok-The New Yearz Hangover Mixtape-2010

Its 2010 and i promise to come harder than ever this year so get ready and buckle up for the ride, im about to really lose my mind on this mixtape shit, Avatar Da Mixtape was a classic to me so it was not easy following that tape up with something just as good or better but i think i might of just pulled it off again, like always from me to you, download my shit and enjoy it, i do this for you!!!!!!!
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